Are your windows missing some character?

brighten up your space with these beautiful circle suncatchers!

These are absolutely perfect to hang in your kitchen window, or near your front door as a warm welcome to all your guests!

  • Lapis Lazuli Circle Suncatcher

  • Amethyst Circle Suncatcher

  • Rose Quartz Circle Suncatcher

  • Carnelian Circle Suncatcher


About Us

We are a family owned South Australian business from Adelaide, very passionate about crystals and their benefits.

Our love & desire to learn about crystals helped us start this journey, meeting all of you lovely people has been what's kept us going and honestly we can't thank you all enough. As we continue growing together we can't wait to see what the future holds!

Every order placed with us is hand packed by our lovely team, your support means so much to us. We would like to thank you all for shopping with us and supporting our business.

  • Where can you find us?

    We have our products available at a few retailers and collectives around Adelaide. Most of our stock is updated weekly at these locations, if you would like to check out our stockists please click here.

  • What do we do?

    You can find us at almost every well known market around Adelaide from the beach to the hills. We are very present with everything to do with crystals and the boho lifestyle.


When will i receive my order?

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days, standard shipping usually takes 2-3 business days to arrive to all major cities. Please allow 3-5 days longer for all orders being shipped to rural areas.

Where can i hang my suncatcher?

The best places in our opinion are in your bedroom window or above the kitchen sink, using sticky hooks are the best way to hang them as they won't damage your paint on the wall.

Can i return my purchase?

Of course! We accept returns within 1-5 days of you receiving it, please contact us straight away if you aren't happy. View our returns policy here.

What are the different crystals meanings?

There are so many different crystals and they all have so many different intentions, to find the right crystals for you view our meanings and intentions here.